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Join our affiliate program and you will earn 10% back on every sale when customers make a purchase with your personalized link. You can also share a personalized discount code for them to receive $5 off their order.

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Caelesti Co. LLC is looking for affiliates with a strong loyalty to and a belief in our brands mission. This includes bloggers and influencers, but also loyal customers who see this as a way to support others on their journey of faith.

Affiliates will earn 10% from every order purchased using your personalized affiliate link. (We will also issue a unique discount code as a benefit to the customer!)

A brief FTC approved disclosure is recommended for all affiliate links. All customers coming from an affiliate link will be "cookied", and the cookie references the Affiliate account for 30 days. We pay Affiliates via PayPal or Stripe approximately one month after the successful completion of the order - this is industry standard for all parties involved.

We file 1099 IRS forms for payments over $600. You are responsible for all applicable income taxes, including taxes on revenue under $600. Affiliate agrees to update and maintain the above Registration Data so that it is true, accurate, up-to-date and complete. Caelesti Co. LLC reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account, in whole or in part, or prohibit your further use of the Service, at any time.

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